Official Complaints

These sites are the official complaint sites of various bodies.

The BBC. I’m not such a frosty old git (yet) that I find the need to complain to the BBC about their content, so this is more for amusement than anything. For example, at the time of writing there have been complaints about Robbie Savage’s dance routine on Strictly Come Dancing. The spirit of Mary Whitehouse lives on. Personally I’d rather complaints to the Beeb be about serious matters such as political bias or censorship of public interest material, so my main complaint with regard to the dear old Beeb is directed to the complainers submitting pathetic complaints – mostly about ‘bad’ language or lude behaviour. Bugger off!

ITV. Their general contact page.

Complaining about the NHS. I’ve had a few friends and family that have had pretty poor treatment, particularly on the general wards, so I hope to post some examples soon.

Another NHS Page.

HMRC. Surely everyone needs this one?

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