Helpful Sites

General Sites

My Society – They produce and run a number of sites geared towards supporting the democratic process. They include They Work For You

For Old Farts Like Me

Silver Surfers – An old style web site for old people. Cool. From the style of the site I wondered if perhaps they were so old they were dead, but apparently not. One look at the HTML on the site and it gives away its origins of being pre-2000: “Copyright © 1998-2013 All Rights Reserved” – so, not only well established but still going strong. And dig into its simple layout and menu structure and it turns out to be a very simple and practical site to use. None of your modern fancy JQuery malarkey, and the only javascript I could see was for Google Analytics. HTML packed with TABLE and FONT stuff, but really easy to use – just what the geriatric doctor ordered. So, double win – I get to complain about the crap HTML, but the site is useful to users. I really like this site. Well, two more complaints maybe. First, they have links to a ton of homeopathic and other alternative medicine bollocks, links to sites willing to extract every drop of your well earned pension for doing fuck all good for you. Second, there’s a gaping big hole in their interests section which seems to have omitted granny porn and swinging through old age. Ah well, can’t have everything.

British Geriatrics Society – A blog site that contains posts from various professionals working with geriatrics. Something I should take note of I expect.

Age UK – Need I say more?

IDF50 – “I Don’t Feel 50” – No, I feel much older than that. But still, this might be useful.

Later Life – This site is about getting ahead of the game, by planning for old age, checking out courses.

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