Censorship of a debate

Jerry Coyne, of “Why Evoltion Is True” had a debate with theologian John Haught. Both paties agreed to the debate being taped, according to Coyne. It seems Haught didn’t like the outcome and now doesn’t want it to be shown. Further more, some people have emailed Dr. Robert Rabel, head of the Gaines Center for the Humanities, because he had agreed to Haught’s turnaround, and Rabel didn’t like that. So he’s now threatening to take legal action against Coyne, accoding to Coyne.

Theologians can be really dumb sometimes.

Hewlett Packard Printer


This goes back a while, but it’s a beauty. Some time ago a bought a HP wireless printer for my network at home. As usual the installation process took some time, and the drivers had to be installed on each system that was to use the printer. OK, fair enough. But…

First, all three installations resulted in a different appearance in the user environment: HP Solution Center. Different features were available to each computer. But, for what I wanted it for, printing and scanning, it seems to work OK – I could print from each of my computers, though for practical reasons I tended to scan only from the computer physically close to the printer, other computers being in other rooms.

All was well, until I accepted the promt to search for a software upgrade, which was duly delivered to one of my computers – bare in mind that each computer has a copy of the software. From this point on I couldn’t printwithout first going to the printer and rebooting it. It seems the wireless connection to the network decided to switch off after some non-use.

I performed a re-install of the original software, after uninstalling – and i did this on all three computers. No joy. Time to contact support – obviously after speding a couple of hours on this so far.

Then the nigtmare begins. To cut the story short, I now have three printers – two sent as replacements: after HP support gave up on first the original and then the its replacement. I lost track of the hours I spent on this. The emails between myself and the various support contacts are shown below (bet you don’t read them all -I had too!). And my current printer status? The final printer is connected to one computer by USB. None of the computers can connect by wireless (and yes my network wireless point is fine, used by phones and laptops).

No more HP for me.

Images of emails to follow, when I get time.

Off to a bad start

Good(or is it bad?), I’ve no sooner started to create a blog of my complaints when I have trouble with the very process of creating the blog.

First, the payment for registration goes back a page, so I’m not sure whether I paid or not.

I decide to re-run the payment process and that seems to go OK, so I now have the domain “oldcomplainer.com” – I think. I expect the domain registration to take a little time, but right now I can’t see the blog with the new domain name, or with the standard wordpress name – even though I’m here typing this in the dashboard.

.. a quick pause to part publish this and all seems to be well.

Lessons in complaining, number 1 – Be patient and make sure you have something to complain about. Clearly my enthusiasm for this new role is at a high. Let’s see if it lasts.